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Mexican American Political Association.pdf
Moscone asks for the support of the Mexican-American Political Association and highlights his stances on issues

Map of tour.pdf
A Map Illustrating the Locations of Campaign Stops for Moscone's Bid for Governor

Moscone clippings back cover.pdf
A collage of newspaper clippings from the back cover of a Moscone Campaign pamphlet

Professionals for Moscone.pdf
A letter addressing potential campaign volunteers and donors in Southern California

The Naked Spur.jpg
Movie Poster for The Naked Spur starring Janet Leigh and James Stewart

Romance of Rosy Ridge.jpg
Romance of Rosy Ridge movie poster

Moscone Campaign Trail.pdf
Article discussing the various places George Moscone visited during his campaign for Governor

Orange County Volunteer.pdf
Invite for a Gala with Moscone in support of his Governorship Campaign in Orange County

Moscone and Ed Kennedy.pdf
Picture of George Moscone with Edward Kennedy

Moscone and McGovern.pdf
Moscone meets McGovern at the San Francisco Airport on the campaign trail
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