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amusement park_pdf.pdf
Letter from a middle school student with an idea for an amusement park on Alcatraz Island

St. Francis_6.Jpeg
Letter discussing an idea to build a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi on Alcatraz Island

SHARE Plaque.jpg
Janet Leigh being presented with a plaque from SHARE

An idea of building a pyramid on Alcatraz Island

An idea for a Spirit of Freedom Monument for Alcatraz Island

An idea for a Torch of Peace on Alcatraz Island

An idea for placing a Statue of Justice Monument on Alcatraz Island

Democratic State Central Committee.pdf
A letter welcoming DSCCC attendees that mentions Moscone's intention to run for Governor

Moscone Newsmaker 1972.pdf
A newsletter and picture of Moscone that discusses his intention for higher office

Moscone the man, the legislator.pdf
A flyer outlining Moscone and his legislative accomplishments and a family picture
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