Visions of Alcatraz

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Visions of Alcatraz


Alcatraz Penitentiary closed its doors and decommissioned the prison in 1963 because of high operational costs and deteriorating facilities. For many this was seen as an opportunity to use Alcatraz Island for various purposes. Many ideas were conceptualized by the public and sent to the mayor’s office. Here are some of the visions for Alcatraz.




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An idea of building a pyramid on Alcatraz Island

Amusement Park
Letter from a middle school student with an idea for an amusement park on Alcatraz Island

Saint Francis Statue
Letter discussing an idea to build a statue of Saint Francis of Assisi on Alcatraz Island

Torch of Peace
An idea for a Torch of Peace on Alcatraz Island

Om Dome
An idea for a light and sound planetarium

Statue of Justice Monument
An idea for placing a Statue of Justice Monument on Alcatraz Island

Spirit of Freedom Monument
An idea for a Spirit of Freedom Monument for Alcatraz Island

Angel of Peace
Letter about building an Angel of Peace statue on Alcatraz Island

Tour idea
Letter that discusses the idea of giving tours of Alcatraz Island
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